Our service

We are specialized in complex projects. Very offten it includes the web application/server side, a desktop software and mobile apps like a united system. Because we are system programmers, we can implement the system of any complexity. We have more than 50 projects and developed own tools to make a software.

Before we start the project, we make a careful analysis of the customer's task, based on customer requirements and offer severals ways to reach the goal. After discussion with the customer we make a milestone plan and implement the software. If you don't know how to solve your problem, contact us to get an advice how it could be solved.

Our software

Here we will place our software. You can download it.

The initial version of the video-player with GUI under Windows  Download Windows version

The version of the command-line video-player under Linux  Download Linux version


The most of our projects is under NDA, but you can easy to learn our skill to observer our public tools we use for the software development. This site is worked on the web-server, we develop. It's fast and designed for complex cloud systems. The web-server is a part of our own cross-platform software development tools. Check our site, devoted to them.

Our another tool is our video platform that allows to decode/encode/transcode/repackage video. You can learn it here poc

Also, we developed 3D renderer that was used in several projects



Skype: vi-rex.com

email: admin@vi-rex.com